Provisional Membership is a temporary category of MTAC membership and is granted to an applicant who does not yet meet the requirements for Active Membership but who offers satisfactory evidence of the intention and ability to qualify for Active status within a four (4)-year period. Applicants may apply for Provisional Membership by demonstrating their educational and/or professional background equivalencies through a “points” system. A complete description of Provisional membership is available here as well as in the MTAC Bylaws. This application is only for applicants who do not have a bachelor’s degree in music (or its foreign equivalent).

If this does not apply to you, click here to restart this process and find the class of membership that best fits your situation, or contact the MTAC State Office.


  • All points claimed must be supported by official academic transcripts or acceptable written verification. Official transcripts are required for all institutions listed on application for points. We cannot accept electronic transcripts, student copies or unofficial copies. The applicant is responsible to provide MTAC with all necessary documentation and to arrange for official transcripts to be sent directly to MTAC from the academic institution(s). Your application cannot be processed until all required items are received.
  • Letters should be signed and on official letterhead. The MTAC State Office reserves the right to require additional documentation as needed for verification purposes, such as clarifying instrument training.
  • If foreign transcripts will be used to verify points, a course-by-course Foreign Credential Evaluation Report (FCER) from a NACES-approved agency is required. MTAC will not accept other documents, such as foreign diplomas, as a substitute. Please see foreign transcript requirements for more information.

Membership fee received before March 1st applies towards membership for the current fiscal year, ending on July 31st. On or after March 1st and before August 1st, your membership fee applies to the current and the following fiscal years.


To be eligible for Certificate of Merit® and other MTAC programs, this application and all supporting documents, including official transcripts, must be accurately completed and submitted to the MTAC State Office by the appropriate deadline (July 31st for Certificate of Merit; October 15th for most other State Programs; please refer to the MTAC Membership Application Important Dates & Deadlines at for all deadlines).

If you are applying close to the deadline, we recommend that you expedite mailing and confirm that all materials are received by the above dates. MTAC cannot make exceptions for materials that are late or lost in the mail.

Applications and/or payments that are completed incorrectly will be returned; correct forms and payments must be submitted by the required deadlines. Applicants are responsible for ensuring valid payments are made by the deadlines. Declined or invalid credit card payments will not qualify for deadlines.